Meet our water and environment consultants: engineers associating their technical expertise and professionalism with their digital marketing skills

We are specialized in solving industrial and environmental issues related to water and the environment.

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Fabrice Brochet Veolia

I hired Nicolas to bring our BU’s corporate websites to another level, and increase their visibility. With little guidance, he helped us to select the rights keywords and did some targeted writing to increase visibility. He also performed some analysis of competitors’ websites that gave us valuable insight in terms of communication needs.
A few weeks later, we already see some positive impact on the business! Nicolas’ availability and reactivity were excellent. Nicolas is THE guy to hire: try him and you will adopt him

Fabrice Brochet, Executive Vice President - VEOLIA WATER Solutions & Technologies

Being an engineer and a marketer is unusual, isn’t it? Read the Collective members answers

Why we do both jobs?

Nicolas, for example, is an environmental engineer with a solid experience in sanitation. He has been lucky enough to be employed in various positions in the water sector. In his previous professional experience, he was in charge of a subsidiary that manufactured water treatment equipment. As this subsidiary belongs to a major group, it was difficult for him to carry out its communication actions because of internal rules. Everything had to go through the marketing communication department and he couldn't do anything about it: he suffered from delays, inflexibility, home-made software that wasn't very user-friendly... And the worst thing, for him, was that its company didn't even appear on google search results, while he found all its competitors there. He was lucky to have a new boss who gave him a free hand. So, he started to learn digital marketing techniques and after a few months, he was already noticing the results! So he continued to train and carry out new missions internally. And then, he created 1H2O Meudal and its website to help all those with ecological projects to concretize them.

How is that possible?

Thanks to both training and development hours! Each of us is a specialist in one theme (water and sanitation for Nicolas, legal for Pierre) and share commons concern about the environment. This is why the majority of the projects concern services related to this field. We no longer calculate the number of training courses and hours spent developing sites and marketing content. The classes that have been the most effective for us are undoubtedly the Livementor courses: digital marketing and WordPress. We did others, and most importantly we put into practice what we had learned for ourself but also for other customers. We realized that the environmental sector was still not very digitalized, so thanks to our experience (especially in sanitation for Nicolas), we decided to become a specialist it that topic. That's why we only offer our services to companies with an environmental project.

What are the differences with a marketing agency?

The technical comprehension! Ask a pure marketer to write you technical sheets presenting the characteristics of your products: you will spend hours explaining everything, and you will be forced to rewrite the text. Imagine the number of back and forth! It is better to rely on an experienced consultant! The Internet is full of possibilities! Many companies offer services and products that deserve to be known! However, each person is busy with his or her daily tasks and, in addition, the majority of professionals are engineers and technicians to whom it has generally been explained that communication should not be their concern. All this is no longer true, the world of water is becoming digital! Who can better understand these B2B-specific requirements?

What are the differences compared to an engineering company?

  • Prices: The price will always be much lower compared to engineering agencies.
  • Follow-up: You can be sure that you will always have the same interlocutor until the project is finalized.
  • Availability: We work on demand, we are easily reachable
  • Involvement: We have a limited number of clients at one time. We would therefore always be more available and involved in your project than if we were an employee of a company.
  • Responsiveness: A change in the current project? An emergency? You can rely on our reactivity
  • Adaptation: We will adapt to each situation, each project, in order to achieve the best result

We focus only on water solutions

While many companies remain very generalist, we have chosen to offer only water solutions. In this way, we can enhance all our knowledge and combine it with digital marketing tools. We believe that sharing good practices for water and environmental treatment is now more than necessary. There are many companies that have great products but don’t know how to make them known, and we want to help them! Just like entrepreneurs who have developed a new product but don’t know how to manufacture it. There are also cities, governments, and companies that participate in calls for tenders. We can assist them throughout the process!

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