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Nicolas Meudal
Nicolas MeudalWater / Wastewater / Digital Marketing Consultant

Nicolas Meudal is the founder of 1H2O Meudal and its website Click here to learn more about our services and the other members of the collective.

Becoming a marketer when you are an engineer is possible !

In 2016, I was still employed and working as an environmental engineer, a position I had held for 15 years. I have always been passionate about water treatment, and since my “BTS water professions” in Guingamp, I had found my way! On the other hand, I had a big marketing problem. I managed a small entity that manufactures water treatment equipment for a large group, but I didn’t have control over communication. My competitors appeared on Google, while I was away, it drove me crazy! And making things change in a large group is complicated… No direct access to the website, software developed in-house but not adapted, and complicated updating process. It was long and demotivating…

A new Manager, new opportunities!

Thanks to a reorganization, I had a new manager who gave me carte blanche! Great!…. but I didn’t know anything about it. I then enrolled in several MOOCs on digital marketing, WordPress training, and many others. I was doing this at night, and I started creating my first website, making my first Youtube videos, communicating on LinkedIn. What surprised me the most was the amount of information you can get about your competitors just by using some compelling software. I used my new skills to boost the visibility of the subsidiary I was managing; then I applied these best practices to a few other subsidiaries of the group. It sounds complicated, but it’s not so complicated. All it takes is a little know-how and methods.

From employee to entrepreneurship

A few months later, I took advantage of a change in my personal life to start my own business. I decided to offer my services to help professionals improve their digital communication while specializing in my field of expertise.

Since communication is so complicated for engineers and technicians, why not make their lives easier? Moreover, I have noticed that creating technical content for other professionals is not so easy. I tried to outsource the writing of some of the documents; it turned out to be a disaster. This is why I have chosen to bring my skills only to environmental professionals because I know this sector, its constraints and how it works.

Within, I offer different types of services.

You will find below a summary of my experience and training.

Experience : Nicolas Meudal

1H2o Meudal – Since October 2016
Company description

Through the website, I offer my services in the fields of drinking water, wastewater, aquaculture and industry: consulting, training, operation and maintenance, design and supply of equipment. I can also help you with your digital marketing strategy, thanks to a whole series of tailor-made services.

Missions performed
  • Website creation
  • Equipment design
  • Tender writing
  • Competition analysis
  • Trade representation
  • Technological watch
  • Sourcing
Experience details
  • Use of WordPress to create sites
  • SMM for keyword identification
  • SEMrush for competition analysis
  • Inbound marketing to find new partners
  • Drafting of the technical parts of sanitation tenders
  • Participation in water fairs
  • Creation of video content
PMT  – July 2013 / september 2016
Company description

PMT is a company specialized in the manufacture and sale of high quality rotating biological contactor (RBC) type wastewater treatment plants. With two manufacturing sites in France and Germany, the company generates a significant portion of its turnover from exports.

Missions performed
  • Direction of the France and Germany factories
  • International turnover growth
  • R&D, including patenting
  • Technology and competitive intelligence
  • Industrial project development
  • Cost reduction / strict purchasing policy
Experience details
  • Moderate purchases, negotiations, taking care to limit the stock
  • Creation of commercial documentation and accessories for customers: ppt, 3D pictures, brochures, 3D printing, goodies
  • Margin and turnover growth
  • Management of 20 people (10 in France and 10 in Germany)
  • Animation of a network of multi-card sales representatives + relationship with partners
  • Organization of trade fairs
  • Drafting of technical and economic offers for France and abroad
  • EC Regulations

Lyonnaise des eaux  – September 2011 / may 2013
Company description

Lyonnaise des Eaux specializes in water supply and sanitation services to public authorities and industries.

Missions performed
    >Direction of Angers WWTP- 285000PE. Annual turnover 3.5 M€, 15 people.

  • Application of the terms of the public contract between the community and the company
  • Tender writing for large projects (Douai) biodiversity and wastewater part
  • Optimization of plant performance
  • R&D project on Anammox
Experience details
  • Transfer of employees, IT…
  • Ferric chloride and methanol substitutes test: good results obtained
  • Optimization of power consumption: -5%
  • Optimization of methanol injection on NDN biostyrs: – 11%
  • Lime milk consumption: -100%
  • Implementation ISO 9001 / 14001
  • Decrease in polymer consumption by 15%
  • On duty
Veolia Eau – January 2008 / august 2011
Company description

Withdrawal of water from the environment, production and supply of drinking water, collection, transport and depollution of waste water. Veolia Water also offers manufacturers specific technologies: process water supply, cooling water, ultra-pure water, effluent treatment and recycling, recovery, etc.

Missions performed
  • Angers’ call of tender
  • Site follow-up: construction of a new wastewater treatment plant
  • Setting up of the new plant with OTV teams
Experience details
    • Setting up of the new plant: HR, legal, training, quality, process, technology…
    • Implementation of ISO 9001 / 14001
    • Operation during the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant 285000 PE : Design control, on-site supervision, equipment validation, economic study,… and optimizations!
    • Implementation of ATEX regulations DRCPE
    • Plant process: ATEX lifting station, screening, oil removal, multiflo duo, NDNs biostyrs, PDNs biostyrs, actiflo. Sludge: digestion, centrifugation, liming, thermal drying
    • Previous factory process: Lifting augers, screening, desanding of oil, primary lamellar settling, activated sludge, clarification, thickening, flotation, centrifugation, incineration on a fluidized bed, OR liming spreading, sludge transport, agronomic monitoring

Translated with

Education: Nicolas Meudal

Digital marketing – basics + advanced – Livementor  – 2016
Education description

Learn how to design a marketing strategy for the web. Improve the referencing of a site on Google, boost the attraction and retention of visitors, animate social networks: the webmarketeer’s missions are numerous!

Modules, options, course content
  • Digital Marketing Basics
  • Conversion: the pillar of Internet success
  • Web development and web design
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Affiliation: how to acquire customers ?
  • SEO : unlimited source of clients
  • Data analysis and ROI
  • Social networks: how to create a fan community?
Consortium Ecole Nationale Des Ponts Et Chaussées, Campus Veolia Environnement, MLV, UCP  – September 2005 to december 2006
Education description

Training for the operation of environmental services and/or local authorities. The knowledge provided does not only cover the technical, institutional, legal, financial and economic dimensions of environmental services. They also concern human resources management, the organisation and management of production, the development of a service offer, risk prevention and crisis management. All this is part of a sustainable development perspective.

Modules, options, course content
  • Tools, methods and service engineering
  • Sustainable development, governance and territory
  • Risk management and prevention
  • Performance management and leadership
  • Strategy and service offer development
  • Community organization
ESAIP – Ecole supérieure angevine d’informatique et de productique – September 2002 to september 2005
Education description

This international-oriented studies, with one semester in England and another in Germany, allowed me to understand the different facets of the general engineer’s profession, more particularly in the fields of environment and safety.

Modules, options, course content
  • Quality, health, safety, environment
  • Energy control
  • Industrial risk prevention
  • Environmental management, certifications and regulations
Lycée Notre Dame – September 2000 to september 2002
Education description

Strong technical knowledge of water treatment, distribution, sanitation and purification and all related activities.

Modules, options, course content
  • water treatment process engineering
  • hydraulics
  • automatic, control – regulation and remote management
  • electrotechnics
  • water biochemistry, biology and microbiology
Lycée Bellevue – September 1999 à september 2000
Modules, options, course content
  • Chemistry-bio-chemistry-living sciences
  • Biotechnologies
  • Measurement and instrumentation

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