We offer several environmental solutions. Through our website onlinewater.io, we want to help companies to imagine, develop, prototype, design and promote their services and technologies related to the environment. We have chosen to focus exclusively on environmental services.

To ensure a clearer presentation, we have split the various services we offer into 3 categories, as described below. The spectrum is quite different from a standard communication agency. Indeed, we are water treatment engineers converted back into marketers. Therefore, we often work on technical assignments with engineering companies. And believe us, communicating on a technical subject without knowing much about it does not help to convince your visitors, it rather makes professionals run away.

  • Sizing: MBBR and biodisc processes, lamellar decantation, UV, filtration, bacterial optimization
  • Realization of plans: in 2D or 3D with Autocad or Sketchup
  • Equipment manufacturing: design and manufacture of non-standard equipment, according to needs and economic constraints
  • Sourcing: for various water treatment equipment
  • Online forms: tired of Excel? We can help you to automatize some tasks, we convert your sheets in online formulars.
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  • Branding : You have a new product, we help you find the best name and the most beautiful logo
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The smartest companies looking for a competitive advantage online get the greatest success with a strategy that uses the best optimization practices. Increase your online visibility and place your brand in front of the right prospects, on the right acquisition channel, at the right time in their buying journey
  • Content Marketing: Your online content affects the way your prospects and customers find, think and experience your brand. Technically clear, creative and innovative content combined with best practices in search engine optimization is a winning combination that makes your business easier to find and attracts your target audience.
  • Competitive Analysis: Determining the amount of incoming traffic to sites, how traffic gets there and what users do on site. With this information, it becomes much easier to streamline and improve your marketing efforts.
  • Keyword analysis: definition of the exhaustive list of keywords leading to your site from their strength, as well as those of competing sites
  • Pay Per Click Advertising: PPC advertising gives you the ability to pay the best positions on search engines. Pay-per-click marketing offers instant traffic.
  • Video: Brand videos; Explainer videos; testimonials; webinars…
  • Professional website: We build the website, we train you, and we transfer you complete ownership
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  • Drafting of call for tenders: evaluation of consumption, waste to be disposed of and sludge produced; renewal programme; technical file; environmental part…
  • Risk analysis: Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) study of wastewater treatment unit
  • Brand protection: You need to protect your beautiful logo? We help you to register a European trademark yourself
  • Support for contract monitoring: summary of contractual commitments; monitoring their application; performance calculation, etc.
  • Carbon footprint: calculation of the environmental impact of activities; definition of areas for improvement
  • Eco-design: life cycle analysis; definition of more respectful materials; recycling channels
  • Formation: lamellar settling; biological discs; MBBR; activated sludge; Biostyrs; operation of a wastewater treatment plant
  • Commercial representation: support at international trade fairs; development of distribution channels
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Whether it is equipment sizing, sourcing or manufacturing, we can help you with your projects

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Competition analysis, SEO optimized technical writing, keyword analysis… We can help you vitamin your website and your presence on the web

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Support for call of tenders, training, eco-design, commercial representation…  We bring you our expertise on all topics related to the water and the environment.

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