We offer different types of services. In this section, we will present our environmental consultant activities.
Before becoming a marketer, I was an operator and then a water treatment equipment manufacturer in France and Germany. These enriching experiences allowed me to know the materials costs, suppliers, manufacturing methods, drawings, the design of various technologies…. It is not easy to develop a new product, mainly to manufacture it. I can assist you in your work.

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Do you have sanitation or aquaculture projects? We can carry out the dimensioning, or the preliminary study of summary project, in the following fields :

  • Biodisks: complete dimensioning of the process with screening, pre-treatment, biological disks, tertiary treatment, sludge storage as well as the estimation of consumables and maintenance.
  • MBBR : complete sizing with fine screening, pre-treatments, biological tanks, aeration, tertiary treatment, sludge storage as well as consumables and maintenance estimation.
  • Aquaculture: calculation of biological tanks and aeration, filtration, UV treatment, aeration, estimation of consumables: electricity, water, granules.
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When you have developed a new machine that you would like to industrialize, but you may not have enough experience to:

  • know how to build it,
  • with which materials with which technologies,
  • Define the production costs

I myself have developed many equipments and I can help you to overcome these difficulties, to realize the plans, to calculate the costs…

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After several years of buying and selling internationally, I was able to identify serious suppliers with solid and reliable equipment.

Building a factory requires a lot of parts. There are many suppliers, with multiple ranges of products. Many of these suppliers have only a small site in their national language, which makes them even more difficult to find. Moreover, there should be no mistake about the purchase price, the expected lifetime, the operating and maintenance costs, the quality of the component materials or the quality of the documentation transmitted.

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Whether it is to support a design or to draw parts, I can make plans in AutoCAD.

  • Plants: P&ID plans or equipment drawings for small projects
  • Workpieces: 2D drawing for workpieces, e.g. polypropylene or polyethylene, so that the CNC milling software can be easily adapted to the workpiece.
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Engineers love microsoft excel, and I love it as well. With the online forms, each person with the link can make quotations, create offers, provide answers to technical problems, and size equipment online.

We put your excel online!

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