Our green marketing strategies enable companies committed to sustainable development to increase their visibility and promote their environmentally friendly products and services.

We offer different types of services. In this section, we will present our various activities related to green marketing.
Remember that we are not a traditional marketing agency. Before to be marketers, we are environmental engineers specialized in water treatment. Thus, we offer our marketing services only for the environmental sector.
Our experience in the field and the expertise we have acquired allows us to offer the most appropriate solutions to your problems. We understand you because we have been through this as well.

Green marketing for environmentally friendly companies sustainable development onlinewater
logo design creation logo onlinewater

Get a better logo design: we give you the keys to get your perfect logo at a price that fits your budget.

  • Great name finder: Tell us what you need, we purpose you a bunch of great names
  • Website availability checker: we check for you which .com or .io is available
  • Launch your logo project: complete your creative brief in a matter of minutes.
  • Get custom designs: Receive unique logo designs within hours.
  • Choose the best logo: Select and approve your favorite design and download the files.

You can even ask people to vote for their favorite logo!

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prestations marketing digital onlinewater

You may wonder why your site is not on Google when your competitors are there. You know that more and more prospects search the internet before asking for a quote or contacting a company, but you don’t know how to quantify these requests and the worst: you can’t make yourself visible. Which keywords to choose and how to speed up the indexing of my website?

There are effective techniques to put in place to improve the position of your website in search engine results. First of all, the correct selection of keywords will be the first step, looking at what is happening on your site, but also on that of your competitors. Second, writing is a key factor. You need to know how to write so that search engines understand what you are talking about. Finally, optimizing your site will improve your overall Google rating.

You have a project of new site or improvement of your web presence, get in touch!

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content marketing content is king marketin de contenu

Unlike traditional advertising, content marketing is long-term and aimed at giving your customers and prospects valuable information. This creates interest and then loyalty to your brand. There are several methods depending on the objectives. For example, attracting customers through a well-designed blog is one even if it’s not my favorite. Creating content and videos to educate your customers about your products is another possibility. Finally, making viral ads that bring traffic back to your site is increasingly used, especially for B2C. There are many more… Content is king, and when it comes to technical topics, it is imperative that people who are writing understand what they are talking about.

We assist you in the production of relevant content with high added value and engaging for your audience.

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Analyse de la concurrence cometitive analysis etude digitale onlinewater

You may not imagine how much information can be retrieved from the internet. Traffic, origin of connections, past and current advertisements, keywords, external links… It is possible to identify which products are the most requested, just as it is possible to see what a company focuses on.

A few years ago, I couldn’t even imagine having access to such a mine of information about my competitors. If you want an exciting report to read, click here!

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Pay Per Click Advertising adwords digital marketing PPC onlinewater

It is possible to appear on the first pages of search engines without waiting for your natural SEO to take effect. However, you should know that even if you pay Google to display ads, they will not necessarily be displayed if they are not relevant. There are a few keys to a successful pay per click campaign, and one of the first steps is to redesign your landing page.

If you want to start advertising on the internet, we can help you write your campaigns and select the relevant keywords!

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Keyword analysis Analyse de mots clés onlinewater

This is the first step to any SEO strategy. To know the list of keywords pointing to your site, as well as those of your competitors sites. Then rank them by potential, based on the number of monthly queries, difficulty and other criteria to avoid fighting for words that are too competitive.

There are many softwares, but it is still necessary to know how to use them and extract the relevant results. We can do this study for you!

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video marketing onlinewater

You certainly know that people prefer videos to texts. These are easy to understand and provide the necessary information very simply. In addition, smartphone users also prefer to watch videos.

Whether it is a corporate film, a clip, a product presentation or an event video, video is an additional tool in its inbound marketing strategy.

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green website environmental website site internet onlinewater

Green issues aren’t just for politicians, or for Google. You have great environmentally friendly products and services, your solutions are minimising water or environmental pollutions? Through our green marketing website experience, we help companies committed to sustainable development to increase their visibility and promote their solutons:

  • Optimizing technical performance
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Optimizing conversion and user experience
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You may need our services in other areas? Find out more about our other services:
– environmental consulting
– Sanitation engineering services

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