We offer different types of services. In this section, we will present our various activities related to our sanitation services.
Before doing marketing, we spent several years operating plants, optimizing operating parameters, responding to calls for tenders, calculating carbon footprints…. Because you do not always have the necessary resources and skills to carry out these missions, we can help you to achieve them.
We have not listed here all the tasks we could help you with, so don’t hesitate to ask us!

sanitation services tender submissions redaction appel offre onlinewater

This is one of the main missions in our sanitation services.When you apply to a call for tenders, it is common for you to run out of time and skills that can be easily mobilized to write submissions. We can assist you with the different parts of your proposal on a wide range of technologies:

  • Renewal plan: equipment and service life quotation; manpower calculation according to the parameters defined in the tendering file; technical optimisations to be proposed with the replacement of certain equipment…
  • Expense assessment: electricity consumption, natural gas, biogas production, tonnes of lime, polymer and ferric chloride, quantities of sand and waste to be evacuated… I can help you calculate operating costs and define the operating budget
  • Technical writing: layout of the technical memorandum according to your layout criteria, including a wide range of technical operating and maintenance details.
  • Innovation: I can be a source of proposals and present you with differentiating technologies. Thus, it is possible to gain several points on the technical part.
  • Environment: this chapter, which generally does not weigh heavily in the scoring of the offer, is not to be neglected. Indeed, when offers have a similar technical and economic rating, environmental actions can play an important role!
  • Insertion: this chapter is becoming increasingly important in many markets. There are good solutions to propose, which do not impact too much the general site organization.
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digital marketing tools projets ONLINEWATER

Public service delegation or leasing contracts are increasingly complex and difficult to monitor. Monitoring the contractual clauses requires legal, economic and technical expertise. Having myself drafted and implemented PSD or public procurement contracts, I can assist you in monitoring the clauses between you and your delegate, as well as in calculating the performance achieved on several criteria.

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Carbon footprint bilan carbone fumee onlinewater

Our sanitation services includes also carbon footprint assessment. Determining the environmental impact of your activities on the environment through numerous criteria such as :

  • Chemical transport
  • Electricity and gas consumption
  • The trips
  • Consumption of paper and office supplies
  • Re-using biogas

Thanks to these evaluations, I can help you to find progress tracks or to select a good solution upstream of a project.

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training center formation onlinewater

From all our sanitation services, formation is the most inportant. To make the right choices in water treatment, the first thing to do is to know what you are talking about. Of course, the Internet is full of information, suppliers are pushing the benefits of their products and project engineers will tell you that if everything was written in books, engineering offices would no longer be needed. We would say that the truth lies in the middle of all this. Not all information that can be found on the Internet should be taken for cash, neither all suppliers offer quality products. Do you think that engineering and design companies always offer the best solution to a problem? With several years of experience, we can share our knowledge in specific fields: bio-discs; lamellar settlers; MBBR and Biostyrs. A topic you are interested in? Do you want to learn more? contact us!

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commercial representation commerciale trade fair

There are many trade fairs in Europe and internationally, but you may lack the resources to be represented there, or the language barrier may be a problem. Or maybe you want to set up a distribution network in an area? We can assist you in your commercial activities, in French, English or German and anywhere you may need us!

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ecodesign ecoconception Cycle de vie onlinewater

You would be surprised to know that stainless steel has a much higher environmental impact than polypropylene, or that glass fiber cannot be recycled.

Through the life cycle analysis of your machines and materials, I could help you determine less impacting materials, select assembling methods and set up recycling schemes.

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hazop wwtp step amdec risque de defaillance defalut risk onlinewater

Several standards require Failure Mode Analysis. For example, the French decree of 21 July 2015 requires wastewater treatment plants to carry out an analysis aimed at minimizing the potential loss of wastewater treatment and the risks to people. As an expert in wastewater treatment plant operation and with the local teams’ expertise, we support you in carrying out these risk management studies up to the recommendation of concrete measures.

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– environmental consulting
– Green marketing

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