Project Description

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Advertising consultant: Project Brief

« Following our website stats analysis a few months ago, you wrote content for inbound marketing. Now I would like to maximize my traffic with Google ads. And if possible, use my competitors’ brands to place ads. »

The Challenge

To advertise without ruining yourself, you have to target carefully and avoid words that can be misinterpreted. For example, “decantation” is widely used for research such as “wine decanter” but our customer sells lamellar settlers for water. On the other hand, great care must be taken when using other brands. Even if it is possible to bid on your competitors’ brands, it is prohibited to use these brands in the ad.

The Solution

Thanks to the previous website stats analysis we had performed, the relevant keywords and the content of the competitors’ past and present ads were available. We have written several variations of AdWords ads, and we have monitored their effectiveness

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Number of impressions

Let’s be clear: the cost-effectiveness of Internet advertising is such that I wonder if it’s worth continuing to invest so much in trade fairs and brochures.

N. M.

How the advertising consultant works, step by step

Search for all current and past google ads and keywords that generate traffic on websites.

Advertisement writing

Based on the selected keywords, using good sales arguments

Negative keywords

Setting ads to prevent them from appearing on requests that are not the target

Performance monitoring

Regular monitoring of advertising results

Ads Adaptation

Performance-based, redesigning adwords ads and their content

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