Project Description

Brand logo : Project Brief

« I’m looking for a brand name that works internationally, with H2O in it ideally. The idea is to find a name that is short, easy to write and that refers to water and simplicity. The brand name will have to be the same as the website name, in .com, but I don’t want to buy a name already registered because it’s too expensive. I wish also to appear first alphabetically. For the brand logo, I need a beautiful design, with colors that remind the water and the environment. My activities will be related to aquaponics, so if possible you should pick fish, plants, and patterns that recall the technical side of the business. »

The Challenge

Finding a free domain name with H2O, very common, is not easy. And having a name that contains H2O and is internationally understandable is not evident. The description of the brand logo is very evasive but also contains several specific requests, it was necessary to find a solution combining all these aspects.

The Solution

We started by searching for a domain name, which allowed us to significantly reduce the list of possible names. To be listed first alphabetically, it is ideal to start with a number. Finally, the combination 1 2 3 appeared to be perfect to express simplicity, and the name 1H2O3 was free
Once the name was validated, we invited several brand logo designers, and we submitted the client’s request to them. We received 109 logos, the customer selected 7 and asked his partners to vote for the best logo.
After 15 days of voting, a logo was clearly approved.
So we validated this logo, and we helped our client to register a European trademark.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

brand logo logotype 1h2o3 onlinewater

We are very proud of our logo! The voting system was really great, we had several contacts following the vote submission on LinkedIn. And also, the support to register the European trademark was perfect!

N. M., 1h2o3 GmbH

Designing the perfect brand logo step by step


Exchanges about the project, the brand name, the strategy, the target customers, …

Keyword generation

Creation of a keywords list related to the customer’s expectations

URL search

Creation of a compiled list of available URLs for domain name registration

Brand logo design

We invite designers to propose logos. An online vote can be set up

Trademark registration

Finally, we assist you in the European trademark registration process

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