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Inbound Marketing : Project Brief

” I want to develop inbound marketing, gain visibility and appear on the first page of google in my area. I work with water and sanitation, and I only do B2B, like everyone else in this industry. My equipment and services are poorly listed while some of my competitors are very well ranked. I’ve already improved the speed of my website and researched keywords, however, I can’t get a good ranking, and I have no inspiration to write articles.”

The Challenge

Here, the customer has already worked his SEO (see SEO strategy and organic search). As we can see very often, the site is beautiful, but the content is lacking. SEO is linked to content marketing. Inbound marketing consists of attracting visitors to a website. To do so, you need pages and articles that are well elaborated, of high quality, and that bring value! Moreover, writing technical content is complicated and requires a good understanding of the subject.

The Solution

Firstly, after studying its customers’ persona, we defined several media on which it made sense to communicate. Then, we used our self-developed headline generation tool and submitted a list of article headlines. Understandably talking about technology requires understanding the technology. Thanks to our expertise in the water industry, we have written complete articles on the selected topics. We finally published these articles in native on various media, taking care to return links (backlinks) to the site.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

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The headline generator is excellent. And the work on the persona is beneficial. With the titles, I got a lot of inspiration. We defined together with Nicolas the article’s structure, and he wrote several pages. Besides, it boosted my site and a week after the first publication; I made the first sale.

N. M.

Writing outstanding content for inbound marketing step by step


Site performance verification, selected keywords, and current SEO results. Firstly, we need a clear picture of the starting point.


Teamwork to understand the target clients’ expectations, what they think, what they see and hear. This work is the essential basis for starting to think about the communication strategy.

Headline generator

With the help of the persona description, we establish a complete list of headlines using our self-developed tool. Then, we send this list to the customer, who chooses the titles of the articles

Technical writing

Together we establish the article’s structure; then we write the content once we understand the technical characteristics and how it works. Technology articles are the most complicated to write.


Finally, after selection of the relevant media, we publish the articles and link them back to the website. Thus, it is possible to promote the products while boosting the referencing of the site. This methodology is a very effective inbound marketing strategy

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