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Website ranking : Project Brief

« My website ranking is not very good, I don’t appear on the first page of Google, while I sell very specific water treatment equipment. However, several competitors appear first. I don’t understand, because I recently redesigned my site. How can I improve my ranking and get ahead of the competitors? »

The Challenge

One of the first steps to improve website ranking is to work on your SEO. Searching for keywords in a specific field, especially in B2B, is not easy. In fact, keywords are so specific that most analysis tools do not find search volumes.

The Solution

First, we checked the website speed. Then, we analyzed competitors’ sites to get an image of their traffic and to obtain the keywords they used. Finally, we searched for the most frequently typed terms and keywords with more advanced tools. Thus, with an optimized keyword list and our SEO writing tips, content creation was considerably simplified!

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

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Top 5 keywords

Nicolas gave me the keys to improving my website ranking specialized in biogas, and I have been very pleased with the results from start to finish. I am very grateful for the willingness to help and tutor a guy like me in the world of the Internet. Every time I pay for a service, I get it back ten to twenty times in return. I continue to use his services for the content creation and ongoing SEO. Nicolas is always there to assist me, anytime I call.

A. T.

Website ranking step by step

Technical audit

First, it is necessary to check that the website technical parameters allow a good classification. Words and content do not do everything. The slower a site is, the more the bounce rate increases and the number of page views decreases.

Competition analysis

To target the most important keywords, one of the best ways is to look at the competitors’ work. Thus, it is easy to list target keywords and compare yourself with them.

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Keyword search

Besides the competitors’ keywords, the use of more advanced tools makes it possible to identify keywords with high potential and which would not have been used yet by the competitors.

Success story

SEO Writing tips

With the keywords list and their traffic potential, all you need to do is to create quality content! We assist you in this step with our SEO writing manual. We can also perform this service for you.

Rankings tracking

Organic SEO doesn’t happen overnight. A follow-up over several months is necessary, in particular, to compare the keywords’ SEO progress compared to competitors.

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