Project Description

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Website stats : Project Brief

« I would like to determine website stats. Some of my competitors are well ranked on Google, and I wonder how they do that. Do they have many visits? Where do they sell the most? What are people looking for when they visit their sites? What can I do in comparison with my direct competitors? »

The Challenge

Honestly, there isn’t any. We have specialized tools that allow us to perform website audits and even rankings based on the competition analysis. On the other hand, it is more complicated when it comes to particular technologies because websites have a low traffic volume, which makes it more challenging to identify keywords.

The Solution

With a list of direct competitors, we carried out a web audit of all the sites. We cross-checked the results of the competition analysis with the results of our client’s website. Thus, we have established a competitive benchmark. We submitted the first list of keywords to our client, and following its validation, we identified other keywords with high potential.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

website stats benchmark concurrentiel position tracking onlinewater

These reports of website stats blew my mind. I didn’t know that so much information about a direct competitor could be obtained through online research. Traffic origin, searched keywords, current and past ads, and especially distributors information. Impressive. The keyword list has given me a lot of ideas, and I continue to monitor the keywords’ evolutions.

D. V.

How to find website stats step by step

Site audit

Search for all keywords that generate traffic on sites, as well as all current or past google ads

Traffic origin identification

Identification of the main acquisition channels: organic, PPC, social networks…

Keywords Cross-checking

Creation of a keywords list used on the various sites, and ranking of each site in relation to the others

New keywords search

Suggestions for new keywords related to the first identified list, with an indication of potential traffic

Monthly evolution reports

A report summarizes in a comparative table, for each site, the ranking for each identified keyword, as well as the traffic situation and its origin

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