1. 1. Applicable law and order of priority
    The legal relationship between 1H2O MEUDAL and its clients is governed by the following provisions, in order of priority:
    – the written contract concluded between the parties
    – the offer of 1H2O MEUDAL
    – the general conditions of 1H2O MEUDAL
    – the invitation to tender of the principal
    – Swiss law.2 Duty of care
    1H2O MEUDAL serves the client’s interests to the best of its knowledge and expertise, in particular to achieve the client’s objectives. It provides contractual services in accordance with the generally recognised rules of the art in the respective field.3. Confidentiality
    1H2O MEUDAL treats the knowledge resulting from the execution of the mandate confidentially and refrains from using it to the detriment of the principal.
    Unless otherwise agreed in writing, 1H2O MEUDAL is entitled to include the customer’s name and a short description of the services provided in its reference lists.4. Publications
    1H2O MEUDAL has the right to publish his work subject to safeguarding the interests of his client. 1H2O MEUDAL also has the right to be cited as the author in the corresponding publications issued by the client or third parties.5. Copyright law
    1H2O MEUDAL remains the copyright owner on his work. In particular, works shall also include projects and parts of works, provided that they are intellectual creations of an individual character.

    6. Use of work results and document retention
    The payment of the fee of 1H2O MEUDAL entitles the client to use the working documents of 1H2O MEUDAL for the agreed purpose.
    1H2O MEUDAL remains the owner of the original working documents, which must be kept for ten years from the end of the mandate in their initial form or in a form suitable for reproduction.

    7. Damage prevention
    In urgent cases, 1H2O MEUDAL may be required to take or order all appropriate measures to prevent damage and dangers, even without the agreement of the principal. It shall inform the principal without delay. The client shall take all reasonable and appropriate measures in good time to prevent the occurrence or aggravation of damage.

    8. Recourse to third parties for the performance of the contract
    1H2O MEUDAL may use third parties, at its own expense, to fulfil its contractual obligations. For this purpose, it may allow them access to documents and may provide them with information. 1H2O MEUDAL requires these third parties to treat the knowledge thus acquired confidentially.

    9. Fees and payment terms
    9.1 Prices
    Unless otherwise agreed, prices are stated in Swiss francs, excluding VAT.
    1H2O MEUDAL is entitled to the payment of advances up to the amount of the contractual services provided.
    Unless otherwise agreed, invoices are payable within 30 days of receipt.
    A default interest of 5 % is due on the due date for payment.
    1H2O MEUDAL may require security for payment of fees or appropriate advance payment.

For goods, unless otherwise agreed between the parties, the price is ex works (EXW), without packaging, without any kind of deduction. All additional costs, such as transport, insurance, export, transit and other authorisations and certificates, shall be borne by the customer. Similarly, the principal must bear all kinds of taxes, fees and customs duties.
1H2O Meudal reserves the right to increase or decrease its prices if, between the time of the offer and delivery in accordance with the contract, the exchange rate of the foreign currency changes during the offers by more or less 5% (five percent).
The delivery conditions of the client’s order included in the placing of the order only apply if these have been expressly accepted by 1H2O Meudal.

9.2 Terms of payment
Unless otherwise agreed, all payments by the principal shall be made to the Swiss headquarters of 1H2O Meudal without deduction of any discount, costs, taxes or charges of any kind within the period specified. In the case of partial deliveries, the corresponding payment shall be made on delivery of each part of the delivery. The payment obligation is fulfilled when the payment has arrived at 1H2O Meudal.
Payment deadlines must be met even if delivery has been delayed or made impossible for reasons that are not attributable to 1H2O Meudal.
If the client is in default of payment, 1H2O Meudal is entitled to withhold any other delivery of goods or services ordered by the buyer as long as all debts of the buyer have not been paid in full and without deduction.
In the event of late payment or doubts based on the creditworthiness of the customer, 1H2O Meudal shall then be entitled to terminate claims not yet due for business relations reasons and to make the delivery of the goods or services not yet fully paid dependent on corresponding advances.10. Additional services
Any benefits that have not been provided in writing are deemed to be additional benefits. These must be mutually agreed. Unless otherwise agreed, additional services are invoiced according to the hourly rates of 1H2O MEUDAL in force at the time the service is provided.

11. Interventions in the field
In the event of intervention in the field, the latter is deemed free access for persons and equipment useful for the service envisaged. Hidden pipes and structures will be reported by the customer to 1H2O MEUDAL, as well as generally all elements having a direct or indirect impact on the safety of people and property.

12. Extensions of time limits and extensions of deadlines
If one party is unable to provide a contractual service on time, the other party may give notice in writing. For the party denouncing the delay, the deadlines and deadlines it has undertaken to respect are extended accordingly. 1H2O MEUDAL is not liable for damages resulting from delay for which it is not at fault.

13. Renunciation of the customer to poach collaborators of 1H2O MEUDAL
During the performance of the services and for one year from the end of the performance, the client undertakes not to encourage employees of 1H2O MEUDAL to leave the company or to make them an offer of employment.

14. Public liability insurance
1H2O MEUDAL has a corporate liability insurance except for the USA / Canada.

15. Responsibility
15.1 In general
If the achievement of the client’s objectives depends on circumstances beyond the scope of 1H2O MEUDAL’s mission, the fact that these objectives are not achieved cannot be attributed to the latter. This applies in particular to decisions by third parties which are difficult to predict, such as the granting of authorisations or appropriations.
1H2O MEUDAL is not liable for the services of independent third parties in direct contractual relationship with the principal.
1H2O MEUDAL is not liable for the activities of third parties that it has itself required, if this delegation has been contractually agreed with the principal and provided that all due care has been taken in the choice of the third party and in the instructions given.
1H2O MEUDAL is based on the premises that:
the principal and the third parties designated by him provide him with accurate and complete information and documents for the execution of the mandate;
the results of the work are not used in part;
without being re-examined, the results of his work are not used for a purpose other than that agreed or for another purpose and are not transposed to changed circumstances.
If these conditions are not fulfilled, 1H2O MEUDAL declines all responsibility towards the principal for the damages which could result from it.
If a third party uses the results of the work or bases decisions on them, 1H2O MEUDAL declines all liability for any direct or indirect damage that may result.

15.2 Limitation of Liability
Where 1H2O MEUDAL is liable to the principal, its liability is limited to the amount of the fees paid for the activity related to the harmful event, but to a maximum of the sum insured.
1H2O MEUDAL is not liable for indirect damage (consequential damage) and pure economic damage.

16. Termination
16.1 Principle
In the event of serious breach by one of the parties of one of the substantial obligations of the contract, not remedied within thirty (30) days from the acknowledgement of receipt of the registered letter notifying such breach, the other party may, failing amicable agreement, request termination of the contract by judicial means.

16.2 Breach of the economic balance of the contract
Notwithstanding the above, in the event that
1H2O MEUDAL would encounter during the execution of the contract unforeseeable difficulties whose solution requires the implementation of means out of proportion with the amount of the contract and whose additional cost the customer would refuse, 1H2O MEUDAL could then pronounce the termination of the contract. Termination in this way shall not give rise to the granting of any compensation.

17. Place of performance, place of jurisdiction and applicable law
Unless otherwise agreed, the place of performance of this contract is the Swiss headquarters of 1H2O Meudal.
For all disputes that may arise between the contracting parties, the competent ordinary courts are those of the Swiss headquarters of 1H2O MEUDAL or by default those of Zurich.

18. Language
The GTC in English is a translation of the GTC in French. In case of discrepancies between these two versions of the GTC, the GTC in French only shall prevail.

19. Processing of personal data
1H2O Meudal is entitled to process and store the data it has received in the course of business relations with the purchaser in accordance with Swiss data protection law.